Athletes, Birds, and Family

A Month in the Life of Kool G Flores
iPhone Photos
April 2010

Maybe Venus was so self conscious about
accidentally wearing her lingerie on the
court she forgot to bring her game.

The Parentals just got parakeets a while back
and these were my first two visits with them.
They're names are Jules (Yellow), Ohio (Green),
Venus (White & Blue), & Zeus (White & Gray).

Some pics from Easter.

My Cousin's Iron Man shirt is FIYAH!

Upper West Side pizzas are on steroids.

What does the greatest basketball player of
all time do after seeing J Rich win the 2003
Slam Dunk Championship? He picks his nose
and is very pleased with himself after.

The Chica accomplishing one of her New Year's
resolutions, with Miss DTM and Jess.

The Chica chillin on the ride home. Lookin
all gangsta.

Think they went overkill on the do not enter
signs a little bit?

Store front on the Lower East Side. You remember
Kung Fu? I loved that game!

I usually post my iPhone photos on Flickr but
I figured that this would be a little bit more
accessible. Enjoy!
My Photo Stream on Flickr

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