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Bombs Away

The Bomb Squad
BSPro 2002

03. Hey Good Lookin

04. Gemini

07. Sophistafunk

I first heard about this band back in 02 when they were still a fairly unknown indie band. They were just starting to make a name for themselves. I was going to post this album just on the strength of them being a sick band.

As I was researching to find the most recent news on them I found out that in 03 they got an AMA award for new independent band (not that anything that the AMA does is worth anything), but they did get to perform. Probably the only thing that the AMA did that I respect. Cuz this is definitely a sick band.


Chillin with My Kool-Aid

Crazy Sexy Cool
Arista 1994

03. Kick Your Game

04. Diggin' On You

10. Let's Do It Again


Straight from Brooklyn

Hidden Gems
Next Mill Entertainment 2007

05. Crooklyn Feat Chubb Rock & Jeru The Damaja

07. Day One Feat DITC


MF Killa J

J Dilla, MF DOOM, Ghostface Killa
Stones Throw 2005

01. Sniper Elite Feat MF DOOM

02. Murder Goons Feat Ghostface Killa

03. Sniper Elite & Murder Goons

Ghost and Doom were rhyming over some Dilla tracks off of Donuts before it dropped and some of these tracks have made it out to the ears of the masses. Some on Ghost's Fishscale and some would have made it out on a Doom Dilla colabo but after Dilla passed the project was postponed.

Here we have 2 back to back tracks from Donuts with Doom and Ghost rippin it up. 2 tracks seperately and blended together.


Heeeeeeeeey Yaaa!!

Hey Studio
Barcelona Design Studio, Various Projects
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Over Night Killah

Eddie Holman
A Night to Remember
Salsoul 1977

03. Immune to Love

05. I've Been Singing Love Songs

08. It's Over



Ramsey Lewis
Ivory Pyramid
Grp Records 1992

01. Brazilica

02. People Make The World Go 'Round

04. Sarah Jane

08. Pavanne


House Colors

Amos Lee
Amos Lee
Blue Note Records 2005

01. Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight

04. Give It Up

07. Colors

The first time I heard Colors was on an episode of House. That shit was real soulful. So I started hunting for this guy's stuff and it has a real down to earth feel. Just some real chill music.


Tony En Quest

Lucy Pearl
Lucy Pearl
Beyond Records 2000

03. Dance Tonight

08. Without You

14. You Feat Snoop Dogg & Q-Tip

Combining members from Tony! Toni! Toné!, En Vogue, and A Tribe Called Quest, Lucy Pearl burst onto the scene and dropped 2 songs and then vanished into the night like a ninja. A shame too, cuz they really dropped some dope tracks. Dance Tonight was a mainstream hit and You was a hidden gem on that album.