Swedish Soulstress

Natalie Gardiner
Natalie Gardiner
Ramjac 2004

03. Cant Quit You Now

08. For Your Love

10. Now I Got to Worry

First time I heard one of this chick's tracks was on DJ Language's mixtape, Real Music for Real People. That mixtape had a lot of sick tracks, but Natalie Gardiner's, Can't Quit You Now, was definitely towards the top of the list.


The Legendary

Drew Struzan
Legendary Movie Poster Artist
Posters from 1984 - 2004

In keeping with the movie poster theme this week, I decided to highlight one of the legends.
Drew Struzan. This guy has too many credits to his name, so I chose my favorites.



Nightmare on Elm St
Movie Poster

I watched Nightmare on Elm St in its entirety for the first time last night.
It was hilarious seeing how they did all the special effects back in 1984.
But the movie poster is super tight. Definitely in a movie poster phase.


Run Blade! Run!

Blade Runner
Movie Poster

Saw Blade Runner for the first time. Amazing visually for 1982.
Plus a classic poster.


The Last DeBarge

Rhythm of the Night
Motown 1985

01. Primetime

04. Give It Up

09. Rhythm of the Night

The other two tracks I have featured are super fresh,
but nothing beats Rhythm of the Night from
the movie The Last Dragon.


Prince Nasty

Unreleased 1986

06. Feel U up

10. Shockadelica

11. If I Was Your Girlfriend

This is for my lady. Happy Birthday baby!!

Oh man the first time I heard Feel U Up... it made
me want to do some nasty stuff to my chick.
Prince just makes you want to do nasty stuff to
chicks in general.

Prince is a musical genius and I was surprised to
hear that he is still coming out with music. So
he might have to be one of the first artists who
will get featured on this blog more than once.


Canned Design

iPhone Photos
Package Design
January 2009

Some old iPhone photos from when I was going through my canned food
packaging phase. I should probably start this up again.


2 Day Action

production glue
January 20, 2010

Finally got some freelance work this year.
Just a couple of days, but it was good to work again.
Plus, I love the folks at production glue.

Unparalleled Information Design

TED Talks
Hans Rosling - The Best Stats You've Ever Seen
February 2006

I was looking at some older information design that
I usually go to for inspiration. This is a classic.


Urban Info

Center of Urban Pedagogy
Envisioning Development Interactive Media
NY Times 2010

I've been studying up some information design for an upcoming freelance project.
I came across this website. Well designed and extremely functional.
My kind of design.
Envisioning Development : What is Affordable Housing?


Jackson Heat

Jermaine Jackson
Arista 1984

03. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' Feat Michael Jackson

A semi continuation of some MJ tracks. Just cause he is featured on this song, but its really Jermaine's track. Kinda crazy too that this was a German release.


Lights, Camera, Action

Photo Shoot
Karen Detrik
January 15, 2010

One of my amazing photographer friends let me sit in on her shoot.
A great learning experience. I'm gonna start my photography career.

Gonna try and soak up as much as I can from Karen.
You'll see the fruits of my labor soon enough.

Rest in Pop

Michael Jackson
Off the Wall
Epic Records 1979

06. Girlfriend

08. I Can't Help It

09. It's the Falling in Love

A little MJ dedication here with my favorite album, Off the Wall.

I know, I know. No Rock with You and no Don't Stop Til You Get Enough. But, I wanted to highlight my other favorite songs on that album, besides the heavy hitters.


Pole Dance Hero!!!

Adult Swim
Pole Dance Hero
Cartoon Network

I love making smart little titles for my posts but this is just too classic for me to even try and make a title.
Play the Game


Hot Hot Hot!!

Kool G Flores
Hot and Spicy
Brooklyn, November 2009

091116. Hot and Spicy

A sampling of some tracks I spun at Hot and Spicy back in November. Hope y'all enjoy the sounds.

As requested by MissDTM...

Track Listing
The Message - Cymande
Misdemeanor - Foster Sylvers
You Can't Turn Me Away - Sylvia Striplin
Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest
Right Here Feat Median - Little Brother
Axis - One Be Lo
So Gone - Black Milk
The $ - Jay Dee
Stay The Night - Mariah Carey
Me - Erykah Badu
My Baby Feat Kanye West - Janet Jackson
Skyy, Can You Feel Me - Raphael Saadiq
She Lives In My Lap Feat Rosario Dawson - Outkast
Get Out Of My Hair - Bilal


USBeat Machine

Akai MPC 2500XL USB Drive
May 2009

Me being a music fanatic and the occasional electronics geek made me drool
over this little piece of hardware.


He Who Carries Death in His Pouch

Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Expensive Shit
Wrasse Records 1975

01. Expensive Shit

02. Water No Get Enemy

I've written about this man before and on this blog I'll let these two songs do most of the talking. I'll just leave you with two titles that define his very core. Genre defining musician. Human rights activist.


A Bizarre Ride...

The Sylvers
Geffen Records 1984

02. Boomerang

09. Tension

Gearing up for this Time Warp night that I'll be spinnin at. I'll be rockin 80s and my boys will be spinnin 70s and 60s. This Sylvers album is a good example of the kind of stuff I'll be rockin.


A Full Kinetic Metal Type Jacket

Brandon Lori
Full Metal Jacket - Kinetic Typography

My cousin put me onto some of the Kinetic Typography ads that AMC has been doing.
Some pretty fresh stuff.


Sigourney's Kicks

Herringbone Alien Stomper
January 2009

Oh man the first time my boy sent me the link to these I went bonkers.
If someone knows how to get a hold of a pair of these, let me know!!


Creative Genius

TED Talks
Elizabeth Gilbert - A different way to think about Creative Genius
Long Beach California, February 2009

This hit me in a crazy way.

One of the last things I posted on Geek Dunkin'.
Figured it'd be a good way to start this new endeavor of mine.


The Number One Spot

Gap Mangione
Diana in the Autumn Wind
Josh Music 1968

01. Boy With Toys

02. Diana In The Autumn Wind

05. The XIth Commandment

For the very first music posting you know I had to use an album that was worthy.


A Taste for...

My Life in Waves
July 2009

I'm Greg, and I'm not sure what I am.

I just know there's a hunger in me.
It shows.
Especially in the words when I talk about it.
Its there.
This Appetite for Sound.

When it drives me, I feel...

Half sick, with the thrill.
Complete auditory bliss.

I don't fight it.
I don't want to.
Its all I've got.

Nothing else could understand me...
so thoroughly.
Especially not me...
or is that just what the cravings tell me.

Because there are these moments when i feel...
to something else.

And its like,
the bass line slowly reveals,

Their beauty is witnessed, with so much more clarity,
when glimpsed with a soundtrack.

Thats why I view My Life in Waves.