Poster Shell

Shell Oil Company
Posters by Australian designer Frank Eidlitz circa 1964
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Jungle Hunt

Van Hunt
On The Jungle Floor
Capitol Records 2006

02. If I Take You Home

03. Hot Stage Lights

05. Ride, Ride, Ride

14. The Thrill of This Love


Monkey Music

Polydor Records 1970

01. Mandrill

03. Symphonic Revolution

04. Rollin On

By far one of my favorite bands of all time. So I figured what other way to introduce them to y'all than to give you guys a taste of their first album. Enjoy!


Known knowns...

Adult Swim
Boondocks Season 3
March 28th, 2010

"There are known knowns and there are known unknowns! But there also
unknown unknowns, things we don't know that we don't know!"
-Gin Rummy

All I know is that the new Boondocks season is forthcoming. I can't wait!!



Kool G Flores, Spanish Fly, & Slm Pckns
Eclectic Love Flyer

Remember the 1st time you heard a "Prince" song? Did You like Devo for their outfits? Were you proud to say you Purposely got detention to hang out with the Teacher? Did you know what "Willis Was Talking About"?

Now imagine being the first one to reach the ice cream truck and you get "ECLECTIC LOVE".
Slim Pickins, Kool G Flores, & Spanish Fly bring you a party with secret, reinvented, new, and savory hits that will take you through all the decades.

Dance to exclusive remixes by SLIM PICKINS!!! Lose Control with hidden gems that'll make you want more with KOOL G FLORES. Be Prepared to revisit "New Wave" with a bit of NU NU as SPANISH FLY keeps those Classics in your head.

Get Ready to Move Across the DANCE FLOOR!!!!!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

244 East 51st St
Bet 2nd & 3rd Ave

No cover!!!!!
21 & Older


Dunkin' Dilla

Serato X Stones Throw
J Dilla Donut Shop
2 Records, 2 Slipmats & Dilla Beats
Stones Throw

You combine a huge Dilla fan, with a vinyl hoarder, and loss of inhibition when discovering anything that "I Must Have!!" and you get me purchasing this without any concern for price or necessity.


Police Rock

The Police
Outlandos d'Amour
A&M Records 1978

01. Next to You

03. Roxanne

05. Peanuts


Daddy Linus

Bobby Caldwell
Carry On
Sindrome Records 1982

04. Words

07. You Belong to Me

08. Carry On


Design Grain

Grain Edit
Leandro Castelao - Buenos Aires Designer / Illustrator
Grain Edit Blog

Grain Edit is a blog that highlights the design of the 50s-70s and the modern designers that are taking the aesthetic to its next evolution. It was a time of slick, smooth, and sexy design. Simple shapes and expressive design. This is one of their more recent posts.


Machine Gun Funk

Jimi Hendrix
Band of Gypsies
Capitol Records 1970

02. Machine Gun

04. Power to Love

06. We Gotta Live Together


Just Too Damn Lovely

Amel Larrieux
Lovely Standards
Blisslife Records 2007

01. If I Were a Bell

03. Lucky to Be Me

05. Shadow of Your Smile

This is for my Sis-Star. Happy Birthday!!


Where Brooklyn At

Dah Shinin'
Nervous Records 1995

02. Wrektime

05. KIM

06. Bucktown

07. Stand Strong

12. Wipe Ya Mouf

All you gotta say about this album is Bucktown. Bucktown. What a fucking track.


Will You Be the Love Supreme

Dash Records 1979

01. Funkannection

05. Saturday Night

08. Love Supreme

I caught this record one day when I was diggin, but not in the crates. One of the employees was playing Love Supreme over the store sound system and after hearing that track I had to have it.