Get Munny

Sylvia Striplin
Give Me Your Love
Uno Melodic Records 1981

03. You Can't Turn Me Away

05. Give Me Your Love

06. Will We Ever Pass This Way Again

I use track 3 a lot in my sets and Erykah Badu recently did a cover of it, so it made me hunt around for this album. In the process, I found two other gems. Track 5, Give Me Your Love, will now be in my rotation heavy. If you come through to my gig on sunday you will definitely hear this song.


No You Can't!

Adult Swim
Boondocks Season 3, Episode 1
May 2nd, 2010

Not the greatest episode I've seen but it had some highlights.
This scene with Rawkus and his sign made me bust out laughing!!


It's Sooo Good When It Touches Your Lips

Flyer Goodness
Factory 88 cover designed by Jackie Gribbon and The Wake
Flyer Goodness Blog

Flyer Goodness is a blog I check right before I start a new flyer design. Sometimes as inspiration, other times just to see what's out there and go against the grain. So, keep an eye out for the flyer for next week's event. Hopefully I got some goodness cookin'!


Athletes, Birds, and Family

A Month in the Life of Kool G Flores
iPhone Photos
April 2010

Maybe Venus was so self conscious about
accidentally wearing her lingerie on the
court she forgot to bring her game.

The Parentals just got parakeets a while back
and these were my first two visits with them.
They're names are Jules (Yellow), Ohio (Green),
Venus (White & Blue), & Zeus (White & Gray).

Some pics from Easter.

My Cousin's Iron Man shirt is FIYAH!

Upper West Side pizzas are on steroids.

What does the greatest basketball player of
all time do after seeing J Rich win the 2003
Slam Dunk Championship? He picks his nose
and is very pleased with himself after.

The Chica accomplishing one of her New Year's
resolutions, with Miss DTM and Jess.

The Chica chillin on the ride home. Lookin
all gangsta.

Think they went overkill on the do not enter
signs a little bit?

Store front on the Lower East Side. You remember
Kung Fu? I loved that game!

I usually post my iPhone photos on Flickr but
I figured that this would be a little bit more
accessible. Enjoy!
My Photo Stream on Flickr


Philly Fame

David Bowie
Young Americans
RCA Records 1975

03. Fascination

04. Right

08. Fame

I recently heard David Bowie's "Fame" in a DJ set and it really fit well with some James Brown tracks I use.

After doing some research, I found that it was his first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the Young Americans album that the track was on was Bowie's first departure from his usual glam rock style. With this album, he explored the Philadelphia soul sound.


HP Cutout

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Ads for the HP Retail Publishing Group
Grain Edit Blog


Bombs Away

The Bomb Squad
BSPro 2002

03. Hey Good Lookin

04. Gemini

07. Sophistafunk

I first heard about this band back in 02 when they were still a fairly unknown indie band. They were just starting to make a name for themselves. I was going to post this album just on the strength of them being a sick band.

As I was researching to find the most recent news on them I found out that in 03 they got an AMA award for new independent band (not that anything that the AMA does is worth anything), but they did get to perform. Probably the only thing that the AMA did that I respect. Cuz this is definitely a sick band.


Chillin with My Kool-Aid

Crazy Sexy Cool
Arista 1994

03. Kick Your Game

04. Diggin' On You

10. Let's Do It Again


Straight from Brooklyn

Hidden Gems
Next Mill Entertainment 2007

05. Crooklyn Feat Chubb Rock & Jeru The Damaja

07. Day One Feat DITC


MF Killa J

J Dilla, MF DOOM, Ghostface Killa
Stones Throw 2005

01. Sniper Elite Feat MF DOOM

02. Murder Goons Feat Ghostface Killa

03. Sniper Elite & Murder Goons

Ghost and Doom were rhyming over some Dilla tracks off of Donuts before it dropped and some of these tracks have made it out to the ears of the masses. Some on Ghost's Fishscale and some would have made it out on a Doom Dilla colabo but after Dilla passed the project was postponed.

Here we have 2 back to back tracks from Donuts with Doom and Ghost rippin it up. 2 tracks seperately and blended together.